Mission, Vision, Priorities



A student and follower of the actions, attitudes, and commands of Jesus.



Why we exist.

The Table is a community of disciples of Jesus who are leading others to be disciples of Jesus.



How we will accomplish our mission.

Growth through discipleship. The Table will grow in numbers by virtue of its mission – to be a community of disciples making disciples.

Targeted resources. We will dedicate the majority of our finances to innovative initiatives that demonstrate the sacrificial love of Jesus to our global community.

Fierce reduction. We will purposefully and mercilessly limit overhead expenses and organizational complexity to preserve our ability to accomplish our mission.

Many gatherings, one community. The Table will begin with one gathering and expand to encompass gatherings other geographical areas. These gatherings will remain under one umbrella of community and meet all together from time to time.

Many leaders, one voice. The Table will encourage men and women with leadership gifts (pastors / teachers) to take lead roles at The Table communities. The Table communities will share a common mission, vision, and priorities.



The things we think really matter.

These understandings serve as the foundation and core of our community, and they lead us to make some different choices about priorities. We are organizing around the principle of “fierce reduction” – striving for the simplest structure possible that achieves our goals. We have identified the following priorities:

Communion. Both sacramental communion and communion with one another are vital to our community. Sacrametal communion is remembering the body and blood of Jesus until He returns as He modeled for us the night He was betrayed. This practice will be observed at all of our worship gatherings. Deep, meaningful connections with one another are linked to this practice – we are all members of one body, and we will elevate the importance of supporting, encouraging, and holding one another accountable to our mission.

Compassion. Jesus has shown us immeasurable grace and compassion, and teaches us to extend the same to everyone in our reach. We will actively participate in acts of mercy and compassion. These will be both local and global, and will include actions we can take individually and as a group. A majority of the financial support we receive will be dedicated to these initiatives.

Relational Discipleship. We are disciples, actively engaged in making more disciples using a personal, relational model. This means we aren’t interested in mass-production – we believe becoming a disciple of Jesus involves a transfer of personhood. We will actively encourage each other to be personally involved in both mentoring and being mentored in our faith in Jesus. How? We will spend time together. This time will be strategically focused on: talking about Jesus (His actions, attitudes, and commands), sharing insights from Scripture, praying for one another, and challenging one another to live a life that honors Jesus.


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