Community Dinner

Sun. 5-6pm

Northgate Community Center
10510 5th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98125
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Free banquet, art, music. A short story about the life of Jesus will be shared at the end of each dinner.

Free to the public.
All ages welcome.

The Table

Sun. 6-7pm

Ancient and modern hymns, The Lord's Table (communion) a short talk, and discussion.

All ages are welcome.


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The Seekers

The Bereans had a different response to Paul’s teaching that the Thessalonians. They received with eagerness, but they didn’t take Paul’s word for it.


Fugitives and Fellow Workers

Priscilla and Aquila were key figures in the early church. They were Jews, on the run, refugees displaced from Rome by Claudius. They also happened to be tent makers by trade. In Corinth, they met a man named Paul.


Waiting Tables

The early church took care of widows. A lot of them. Stephen was one of seven men chosen to oversee the work. But he was more than just a waiter.


Becoming Barnabus

Joseph from Cyprus was so encouraging the apostles changed his name – from here out he is called Barnabas. This is a strong testament to his character – Barnabas was the guy you could count on to pick you up when you were down – to believe in you when no one else would. The message of Jesus gave Barnabas a powerful sense of God’s grace and mercy. He knew no one was a lost cause, no one was beyond redemption.


First Reaction

The followers of Jesus changed. Their lives were immediately and permanently altered by their belief in the risen Christ.


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The Table
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P: (425) 409-9635


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