Community Dinner

A Warm Meal Among Friends

Every community needs a time and place to come together. This is especially true during challenging days. What better way to do this than with warm food around tables in friendship, laughter and connectedness? Each week in the Northgate community, we invite our neighbors – of all ages, ethnicities, and lifestyles – to our table. This is a chance to gather in community with the rich mosaic-like diversity that Seattle is known for.

We have two designs for each community dinner. First, we want to build friendships over a table with warm food and laughter. Second, we take time to encourage the soul by retelling a short story about Jesus and offering a prayer for those who want to stay.

How You Can Help


We are always in need of volunteers, especially volunteers who live in the neighborhood where we serve. If you are interested in helping us bring the family dinner table back to Northgate, then we have plenty of opportunity for you to get involved.

There are two basic areas of service: logistics and hosting.
Logistics includes setting up an hour before the dinner (4pm), kitchen duties during the dinner, and tearing down after the dinner. The Host Team serves food at the buffet line and hosts the tables. We want everyone to take turns on each team so that you can both help logistically and also spend time building community through making friends. Plan to spend part of your night working and the other part eating and talking with your neighbors.

I want to Volunteer:

Step One: Pick a day that you would be interested in volunteering

Step Two: Email Jon, the Community Dinner Director (, with the date you plan to volunteer. Include your preferred contact information and the number of people in your group.

Step Three: We will contact you to help coordinate your volunteer experience.

Drop In:

Everyone is welcome to come to a meal. You may not be sure yet if you want to get involved with the Community Dinner, so spend a couple weeks with us. No need to email us or make contact first. Just come to the meals, get to know our workers and guests, eat, and spend time observing.


Our Costs:

This is a free dinner that is provided by a network of people who desire to help our communities come together and care for each other. We welcome the support of our surrounding neighbors and businesses. If you have some extra and would like to help someone else eat well on these nights, there will be a donation bucket near the front door when you arrive. We know that not everyone can help out. Accordingly, no person will be embarrassed if they can’t make a donation. In fact, no one will even notice. If you want to make a donation onĀline, you can do so at the bottom of this screen at any time. We value the time-tested human fabric of brother taking care of brother and neighbor helping neighbor.


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