Community Dinner

Sun. 5-6pm

Northgate Community Center
10510 5th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98125
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Free banquet, art, music. A short story about the life of Jesus will be shared at the end of each dinner.

Free to the public.
All ages welcome.

The Table

Sun. 6-7pm

Ancient and modern hymns, The Lord's Table (communion) a short talk, and discussion.

All ages are welcome.


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In Exile

For Daniel, Joseph, the Apostles, and many more we find in the Bible, it was never simple. They lived in exile, cut off from easy answers and cultural religion; forced to reconcile their faith with the reality of their world.  From Babylon to Ballard, we face the same choices – how do we live “in-but-not-of” […]


Should We Cancel Church for the Super Bowl?

Should we cancel church for the Super Bowl? Definitely not. But we are most certainly not having a gathering that night. Church is not a service, or a gathering, or a building. It is the worldwide community of those who have surrendered their lives to Jesus, past, present, and future. We are the church. Everywhere we go, we represent Christ. We seek to embody and demonstrate the life-altering power of His death and resurrection. We are the light of the world, a city on a hill, the salt of the earth. We are those who have passed from death to life and now hold out the Word of Life.


Starting Over

For the past few months at The Table, we’ve been talking about another kind of starting over. We’ve been asking ourselves what “church” is really all about. When Jesus said “my church”, did he envision the complex corporate and geopolitical force of hierarchy, rules, and traditions the world at large has come to know? Or was His plan more primal, more elemental?


Outnumbered, Surrounded, and One Hand Tied Behind My Back

I’m a follower of Christ and work in the public education system.  I’ve been struggling to integrate my Christian beliefs with the social and legal requirements of my job for most of my professional life.  For many years, I felt like an island of faith in a sea of human secularism; all around me are […]


Thinking, Decisions, and Apps That Make You Fat

Thinking, Decisions, and Apps That Make You Fat
If we hope to emulate Jesus’ level of self-control, we have to figure out just how he did it. Yes, he was God. But Hebrews makes it clear that he had choices to make. It’s not really temptation if it isn’t…well…tempting. How did He gained the strength to teach, heal, exorcise, and beat back the Devil in the desert?


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The Table
125 NE 185th Street
Shoreline, WA 98155
P: (425) 409-9635


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