Jumping Off Bridges

Beginning tonight, we will lay out plans for The Table’s next leap. It’s a bold new vision – creating a space where the rich and the poor, the strong and the weak, the faithful and the faithless, have an equal place at a table of love, grace, acceptance, and forgiveness. And (of course) food.


Stones, Social Media, and Supplication

Jesus and His followers taught us to pray (supplication) and ask for prayer in need, in pain, or in trouble. I had a painful reminder of that this week.


Bursting the Bubble

Jesus went from place to place meeting people. Never once did he say “I can just show you who I am if you come to the temple with me.” In the years of my faith I have learned that living a life connected to Jesus is so much more than staying in a Christian bubble.


Losing My Religion

Last week at The Table we cracked open a new series: “In Exile.” Beginning with The book of Daniel and continuing forward in history to the Apostles, we are exploring the plight of spiritual (and physical) exiles in Scripture. The question we’re wresting with is this: “what does faith look like when you’re a thousand […]


In Exile

For Daniel, Joseph, the Apostles, and many more we find in the Bible, it was never simple. They lived in exile, cut off from easy answers and cultural religion; forced to reconcile their faith with the reality of their world.  From Babylon to Ballard, we face the same choices – how do we live “in-but-not-of” […]



Community Dinner

Sun. 5-6pm

Northgate Community Center
10510 5th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98125
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Free banquet, art, music. A short story about the life of Jesus will be shared at the end of each dinner.

Free to the public.
All ages welcome.

The Table

Sun. 6-7pm

Ancient and modern hymns, The Lord's Table (communion) a short talk, and discussion.

All ages are welcome.


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